Pavilion Rental Information

The City has two pavilions in Asbury Park available for rental.  The Wagner Pavilion (holds up to 65 people) and the Sullivan Pavilion (holds up to 50 people).  Cloie Creek Park has one pavilion for rent.  It holds up to 48 people.  The rental of the Cloie Creek Pavilion does not include the splash pad rental.  If the splash pad is closed that day, you will not get your rental fee refunded.  The City of Asbury will start accepting reservations for the current year starting on January 1 of each year.  

To Reserve a Pavilion:

You may call City Hall (563.556.7106)  to check if your desired date/time is currently available.  If your date is open, the City will place a temporary hold on your date for up to 5 days.  

To officially reserve the pavilion, please submit the online rental form below or return a completed hard copy of the Rental Agreement (available here). Reservation will need to be paid in full to secure your rental date.  

Rental Fees for Asbury Park Pavilions and Cloie Creek Pavilion:

RESIDENT Half Day                9 AM-3PM OR 4PM-10PM       $ 50.00 
RESIDENT Full Day                9 AM - 10 PM      $ 90.00 

NON-RESIDENT Half Day   9 AM-3PM OR 4 PM-10PM     $  75.00
NON-RESIDENT Full Day     9 AM - 10 PM                                    $115.00

Pavilion Rental Form


Park Rental Application

Asbury Park and Cloie Creek Pavilion Reservation



Please read our Rental Policies and Regulations and then continue to Rental Agreement Form below.

Park Rental Policies and Regulations:

Reservations for Pavilions are accepted at Asbury City Hall, 5290 Grand Meadow Drive, Ste 1, Asbury, IA 52002, Monday through Thursday from 7:30 AM– 4:00 PM and Friday from 7:30 AM - 1 PM. Payment and completed rental agreement are required to secure your date. Renters may call in advance to have their preferred date held for up to 5 business days.  If payment is not received by the end of the 5th day, the renter will forfeit their hold on the date, and the amenity may be rented by another party. (For events taking place in less than 5 business days, no hold is available.  Rental agreement and full payment will be required to secure the date.)

The park area must be left clean and in good order upon inspection. Parking is NOT ALLOWED in the grassy areas of the park – only on approved parking areas.  Any picnic tables that are moved must be returned to their original location. In the event of a cancellation, your reservation fee will NOT be refunded. Rental fee includes exclusive use of the indicated pavilion during the rental period.  It does not include exclusive use of any other park amenities or guaranteed use of any other park amenities (i.e.: splash pad, mountain bike trail, playgrounds, etc.) Reservations will be accepted after January 1 for dates beginning May 1 and ending October 31.

· The pavilions are lighted and have electrical outlets.

· No animals are allowed in the park.

· No motor vehicles are allowed beyond the paved area of the parking lot.

· Picnic tables are prohibited on parking lots, sidewalks, and multi-purpose/tennis areas.

· No roller blades, skates, or skateboards allowed. Bicycles in designated areas only.

· No hog roasters or large/mobile trailers are allowed in the park.  Food trucks are aloowed in the parking lot ONLY.  Violation of any of these regulations is punishable by municipal infraction which is a fine of up to $750.

Other amusements must be approved on a case by case basis and provide the City with a certificate of insurance.

Amusements through organizations that have been pre-approved are allowed, all other amusements require a 30-day notice and need to receive approval through the Asbury Park and Recreation Board. Authorized beverages shall include beer (no keg beer), wine coolers, and soft drinks (no glass containers). No other alcohol allowed in the park. The athletic fields are designated as an alcohol-free zone; no alcoholic beverages are allowed in those areas. Athletic fields are available for general use (unless reserved for leagues or team practice/games by Asbury Athletic Association). If the area is occupied during your reservation period, show your receipt. If there is a problem obtaining possession of the park amenity, phone 563-585-1874 for police assistance.

​  I have read and the park policies and regulations above and agree to the terms of my reservation. 

  ​I understand that failure to pay the full balance of my rental fee within 5 business days of my submission of this form may result in my rental date being forfeited. 



Renter Contact Information

First Name Last Name 
 Phone Number Email
StateZip Code


Please select one of the following for rental:

  ​Wagner Pavilion (Holds up to 65 people.  Nearest to the restrooms and parking lot at Asbury Park.)


  ​Sullivan Pavilion (Holds up to 50 guests. Nearest to City Hall and the Library at Asbury Park.)


Cloie Creek Pavilion (Cloie Creek Park)


Requested DateGroup Size (#)


Requested Rental Time

​ 9 AM - 3 PM ​ 4 PM - 10 PM​ FULL DAY


Please submit your payment to City Hall within 5 business days to reserve your date. 


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