Swimming Pool/Hot Tub Requirements

In order to install a pool or hot tub in the City of Asbury, you must obtain a permit(s), show fence requirements are met, locate property lines, and pass all inspections. 



To obtain the proper permits for constructing a pool/spa you must: 

1. Submit a site plan showing the location of the house, deck, accessory structures, as well as the location of the pool/hot tub and gate. Indicate the measurements of the side and back lot lines. Also include the cost of the entire project.

2. Apply for a zoning permit.

3. Apply for a building permit for the deck (if applicable.)

4. Apply for an electrical permit (if applicable.)


An inspection is required for footings (in-ground pool or deck), electrical, and once the construction is complete. Please call ECIA to schedule inspections at: 563.556.4166. 


A zoning permit must be approved. 

The maximum allowed lot coverage covered by principal and accessory uses and/or buildings is 30%.

A swimming pool is defined as any constructed or prefabricated pool used for swimming, bathing, or wading, over twenty-four (24) inches in depth.

Plans and specifications concerning a swimming pool shall be submitted to the Building Department and such pool shall be designed and constructed in accordance with generally accepted standards and practices, as outlined in the latest edition of Recommended Practice for Design, Equipment, and Operation of Swimming Pools and Other Public Bathing Places, of the American Public Health Association.

A six (6) foot high fence with a self-locking gate and no openings therein is required for all pools. All gates or door openings shall be equipped with self-closing and self-latching devices designed to keep the gate or door securely closed and latching at all times. The self-latching device shall be located not less than four (4) feet above the underlying ground surface, to be made inaccessible from the outside to small children. All fencing must be in place when pool is filled with water. 

A fence is not required for portable and non-portable spas (hot tubs) with a locking safety cover which complies with ASTM F1346-91 standards.
Restrictive covenants are the responsibility of the property owner. 

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