Urban Chicken Policy

With City Council approval, Asbury residents can keep/raise chickens (hens only) on their residential property but must comply with city policy that was developed to respect the rights of all residents and prevent unsanitary conditions and safety concerns.


As with any pet, please care for your hens properly.

1.  Hens only.  Maximum of six (6).  Male chickens are not permitted.

2.  Hens are allowed for egg production only.

3.  Property must be residentially zoned (not commercial).

4.  Hens should be provided with adequate shelter to protect them from the elements.

Hens must be kept in an enclosure that keeps them from leaving the owner’s property and protects them from predators.

5.  Chicken coop shall be located in the rear yard of the property and the location must be at least ten feet (10’) from any lot line and at least ten (10’) from any dwelling.

6.  Coops that have a footprint of 150 square feet (length X width) or larger requires a permit from the City of Asbury before construction. 

7.  You must submit an official request to the Asbury City Council for approval.  This request should include a drawing indicating where the chicken coop will be located on the property.  

8.  If approved by the City Council, the permit for hens is for a period of not to exceed two years from the date of approval.