City Comprehensive Plan

Asbury City Council Adopts Asbury Smart Plan

The Asbury City Council adopted the Asbury Smart Plan at the September 10, 2013, City Council meeting. The Asbury Smart Planning process began in April of 2011. The planning process included a series of 23 public input and monthly meetings of the Smart Planning Committee. The goals for the plan are to foster cooperation among communities, regional economic development, protect and preserve community resources, improve resiliency to disasters, and encourage a strong community identity.

The monthly meetings included discussion and input of the Smart Planning Elements and elements as outlined in Iowa Code Chapter 18B. 

The Smart Planning Elements:

Public Participation, Issues and Opportunities, Land Use, Housing, Infrastructure and Utilities, Transportation, Economic Development, Agriculture and Natural Resources, Community Character, Hazards, Intergovernmental Collaboration, Community Facilities, Implementation and Watershed. 

The Smart Planning Principles:
Collaboration, Efficiency, Transparency, Consistency, Clean, Renewable, and Efficient Energy, Occupational Diversity, Revitalization, Housing Diversity, Community Character, Natural Resources and Agricultural Protection, Sustainable Design, and Transportation Diversity.

1. Population and Employment Growth 
2. Low Unemployment 
3. Strong Housing Market
4. Natural Beauty
5. Small Town and Rural Character
6. Good Quality Schools
7. Police and Fire
8. Coordination Between Public and Private Sectors

1. Maintaining Service Quality with Growth
2. Transportation Safety and Mobility
3. Flooding 2008, 2010, and 2011 
4. Attracting and Retaining Good Jobs

1. Balance Agricultural, Natural, and Urban Environments
2. Maintain Small Town and Rural Character 
3. Implement Region-Wide Hazard Mitigation and Stormwater Management 
4. Practices
5. Reduce Costs
6. Regional Economic Development
7. Collaboration Between Cities and Counties

The City Benefits of Adopting the Plan:
1. Preservation of Agricultural Land
2. Reduced Costs
3. Regional Economic Development
4. Sustainability
5. Collaboration between Cities and Counties
6. Road Projects
7. Future Development Agreements
8. Stormwater Management Projects
9. Direction for the Future

wayfinding sign at sunset

The Smart Plan will serve as a roadmap for the future of the City of Asbury. To view the plan click here or request a copy from the City Clerk's Office.