Sewer Vacancy Credit

Custom Form

Sewer Vacancy Credit Form


Security Measure
Property owners may apply for a sewer vacancy credit when the residential dwelling unit or commercial unit is vacant for an entirety of two months.  The property owner must complete a "Sewer Vacancy Credit Form" and the credit will be applied within one to two utility billing cycles.


1.  Sewer Vacancy Credit Form is required to be received from property owner within 30 days of occupying the unit.  The form is required to be signed by the property owner attesting to the information regarding dates of the vacancy.

2.  Account must be current of most recent utility bill.

3.  The vacancy credit is $25.00 per month starts after the resident has vacated the property for two (2) full consecutive months and maximum vacancy credit is six (6) months in a calendar year.   

4.  The vacancy credit will be applied upon return after one to two billing cycles.  

5.  Each request is reviewed and approved by the Utility Billing Clerk.